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Beans on Toast

A great breakfast English dish is Beans on Toast. It sounds odd but so delicious! Enjoy because you’ll be back for more!

Now the main ingredient of beans MUST be the Heinz Beans in the blue can. There is no substitution for this.  You cannot find this in a regular grocery store although a “few” do have it. I got lucky at the Fry’s by my house. Otherwise you can find this at Cost Plus or any store that carries grocery products from Europe. As I said earlier, NO substitution for this ingredient to get the “right” taste!

Beans on Toast



  • Heinz beans
  • 2 pieces of Texas toast
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Grated parmesan cheese



1.  Toast your toast – you can use a toaster but the best taste is putting it in the oven or a toaster oven to toast it for a few minutes.

2.  Heat up Heinz beans in saucepan on stove.

3.  Place toasted toast on plate.  Pour the heated Heinz beans (yes the whole thing!) onto your toast.

4.  Pour a few drops of Worcestershire sauce on top – how much depends on your taste.

5.  Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese on top of toast and beans – how much depends on your taste.

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2 Responses to “Beans on Toast”

  1. Lea says:

    I love that you posted ‘Beans on Toast’ as an official recipe! It’s not just the English that enjoy this one, although I don’t think I’ve ever had it for my breakfast.

    BTW The blog looks great.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Lea! Yes, I LOVE Beans on Toast and always as dinner, not for breakfast *lol*

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