About Sheryl

My name is Sheryl and welcome to KitchenKlutz! I am a Special Ed Teacher in a self-contained classroom and cooking and baking is one of my outlets for stress relief! I’m a mom to my 12 year old daughter, Samantha and have been married to my hubby, Brian for 13 1/2 yrs. I’m always looking for new recipes to try (especially baking!) and how to make the day run smoother.  After sharing a few ideas on different social media’s and google doc’s with friends, a blog is finally being put together to share all the ideas in one place!

The Kitchenklutz name is totally me!  I’m always in a rush, running late (this I can admit) and try to do too much at one time. I can admit this too!!  After going through a few possible blog names, I was rushing (once again) on getting dinner done and cut my hand with a steak knife.  As I thought, again, how much of a klutz I can be, the name came to me!
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