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Santa Graham Cracker

Santa Graham Cracker

Santa Graham Cracker


    • Graham Cracker
    • Pink Icing
    • Red Gel Icing
    • M&M’s*
    • Mini Marshmallows

1. Break off a graham cracker so you only have two rectangles together or one square depending on which type of graham crackers you have.
2. Use on tablespoon (less if you’d like) of pink icing and spread onto the graham cracker.
3. Turn the cracker so it appears as a diamond shape in front of you.
4. In the top corner, use the red gel icing to make a triangle on the graham cracker.
5. Have your child pick out which color M&M’s they want to use for Santa’s eyes. Place two M&M’s right below the red gel triangle to place the “eyes.”
6. Use a red M&M right below the “eyes” to place the nose.
7. Place a mini marshmallow on top of some of the red gel triangle.
8. Fill in the “beard” area with mini marshmallows.

*If your child prefers Skittles or another round shaped candy, please feel free to use one of those!

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