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Soda Pop Jelly

Yes! You did read that right – soda pop jelly!! I cannot remember where I got this recipe online (sorry to the original author!!) because the website didn’t post when I printed this recipe out. It is AMAZING! Although many flavors came to mind, I decided to make Root Beer Jelly.  Warning – this is a HIGH sugar treat! No fruit – ALL sugar! (Plus one cup of water.)

Like all canning recipes, remember to have your jars and lids clean and sterilized!

Soda Pop Jelly


2 Cups Soda Pop (your choice)

6 Cups Sugar

1 Cup Water

3 oz. liquid pectin


1. Combine the soda pop, sugar and water in a large saucepan.

2.  Heat to boiling stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar.

3.  Once the mixture reaches a boil, add the 3 oz. of liquid pectin.

4.  Continue to stir constantly to help bring it to a boil.

5.  Boil the mixture hard for 30 seconds.

6.  Skim off any foam – put into a bowl and see below after the rest of the steps.

7.  Pour soda pop mixture into a sterile, hot jar.

8.  Clean off top rim of jar to make sure there is no stickness or mixture on top of the jar.

9.  Place lid on the jar.

10.  Place jars in a boiling water bath canner for five minutes.

11.  Use canning tongs to pull jar from water; place on a towel.  Lid will eventually pop.

Do not panic if the jelly still looks runny – it will start to cool down and gel!

What to do with that extra foam?

Place the bowl filled with foam into a microwave.  Turn on for 30-60 seconds.  The foam will turn back into a jelly. I use this batch as our “home” batch to keep and eat right away!

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